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A Bunch of Dragnet (1955)

Dragnet was created and produced by Jack Webb, who starred as stoic Sergeant Joe Friday. Webb was a stickler for accurate details, and Dragnet used authentic touches, such as the LAPD’s actual radio call sign (KMA367), and the names of actual department officials. For the next thirty minutes, in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department, you will travel step-by-step on the side of the law through an actual case transcribed from official police files. From beginning to end—from crime to punishment—Dragnet is the story of your police force in action.”

Dragnet – The Big Look (1955)

A man posing as a salesman is assaulting women. It’s up to Joe and Frank to put an end to his escapades.

Dragnet – The Big False Make (1954)

Dragnet is a radio and television crime drama about the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners. The show takes its name from an actual police term, a “dragnet”, meaning a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects.

Dragnet – The Big Hit and Run Killer (1955)

A punk runs over a pregnant woman and Joe Friday and Frank are determined to get their man. The punk will even get a good lecture from Joe.

Dragnet – The Big Break (1955)

George Hoffman is an ex-convict and armed robber in Los Angeles and it’s Friday and Smith that need to get him.

Dragnet – The Big Trunk (1955)

In this episode of Dragnet, Joe and Frank investigate the murder of a vaudeville actress who keeps her valuables in a trunk in her room.

Dragnet – The Big Phone Call (1952)

The men of the Los Angeles police are after the indignant suspect in a jewelry store robbery.

Dragnet – The Big Bar (1954)

Sergeant Friday and Frank take on an armed robber who likes to kill people after he robs them. They don’t know much about him except that he likes scotch and a certain song on the jukebox when he kills.