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Flash Gordon – The Forbidden Experiment (1954)

Flash and Dale rush to Zarkov’s aid who is being held prisoner on Beta M-1. His captor is the mysterious Lion Man.

Flash Gordon – Akim The Terrible (1955)

Flash’s best friend is sent to a planet where he is brainwashed and sent back to kill Flash.

Flash Gordon – The Subworld Revenge (1955)

Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkoff must confront a civilization that lives 1500 miles underneath the earth and is bent on world domination.

Flash Gordon – The Brain Machine (1955)

Mom warned you about gals like the Evil Witch of Neptune, aka Queen Chicken of the Royal Order of Chicken People. Today, it’s politically incorrect to point out women who are also poultry.

Flash Gordon – Struggle to the End (1955)

It’s another 1955 Flash Gordon where Flash Gordon fights Queen Xyderine of the Neptunian chicken people. Then he makes her lay an egg for wiping out General Zarkoff’s brain. I personally think Zarkoff could have just had a Lucky, and he would have been fine.

Flash Gordon – Lure of Light (1955)

Queen Tridentia steals the plans for a spaceship that can travel faster than the speed of light and wants to go back in time to change history.

Flash Gordon – Planet of Death (1955)

Dr. Zarkoff’s request to test his new anti-gravitation device on a remote planet is denied because of the mysterious deaths of most of a recent scientific expedition that recently explored the world.

Flash Gordon – Deadline at Noon (1954)

In this episode of the TV series Flash Gordon, Flash and Dr. Zarkoff go back the past in 1950 to stop an atomic explosive that takes hundreds of years to explode.