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Gang Busters – The Phantom Case (1952)

The Gang Busters go up against the Phantom and his gang who seem to disappear into thin air after every crime. From the 1952 NBC series Gangbusters.

Gang Busters – The Mendoro Case (1952)

Mobster Charles Mendora has a sweet spot for his daughter, but he’s a ruthless killer the Gang Busters need to put away for good.

Gang Busters – The Dennis Case (1952)

Gang Busters was one of the most popular shows of it’s day and it’s stories were based on real FBI files. This episode is about a Canadian cat burglar that gets some attention from Gang Busters.

Gang Busters – The Nobel Case (1952)

Herbert Nobel is a rich guy, but that seems to get him in a lot of trouble in this episode of the 1952 TV series Gangbusters.

Gang Busters – The Boilat-Fiaschetti case (1954)

In this episode of Gang Busters they are up against in international jewel thief who escaped from Devils Island.

Gang Busters – The Unholy Three (1952)

Three gangsters take over a church to hide from the Gang Busters figuring no one would look for them in a church. Gang Busters TV series is a spin off of the popular radio show.