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Jet Pilot (1957)

Another infamous flop from the creative team of producer Howard Hughes and actor John Wayne, who had also teamed on THE CONQUEROR (also available on Google Video). This film actually went into production in 1949, but wasnt finished and ready for an official release until 1957 (the year after the release of the Genghis Khan film). Directed by Josef Von Sternberg. Co-starring Janet Leigh. Great fun for bad movie buffs!


Winds of the Wasteland (1936)

John Wayne plays John Blair. He and his partner, Larry Adams (Lane Chandler) are out of work when the arrival of telegraph ends the Pony Express. They get swindled by Cal Drake for a telegraph line and equipment to a ghost town. John determines that he will operate the line and learns that a coach race will be staged and he signs up for it. The fastest team in the race will win a $25,000 government contract.


Stagecoach (1939)

This is where it all started. John Ford’s smash hit and enduring masterpiece Stagecoach revolutionized the western, elevating it from B movie to the A-list and establishing the genre as we know it today. The quintessential tale of a group of strangers thrown together into extraordinary circumstances, Stagecoach features outstanding performances from Hollywood stalwarts Claire Trevor, John Carradine, and Thomas Mitchell, and, of course, John Wayne, in his first starring role for Ford, as the daredevil outlaw the Ringo Kid. Superbly shot and tightly edited, Stagecoach (Ford’s first trip to Monument Valley) is Hollywood storytelling at its finest.