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Lock Up: Compulsion Killer (1960)

A professor (William Schallert) tries to teach his soft-on-crime wife a lesson by disguising himself as a compulsive killer whose been terrorizing an entire college campus. When suspicion falls on for committing four prior murders, it’s up to Maris and Weston to find the truth.

Lock Up – Red Confetti (1959)

In this episode from the files of Herbert Maris, elderly women are being ran down by cars and a good samaritan stands accused of the crime.

Lock Up – Jennifer (1960)

A precocious little girl tries to get her stepmother out of prison by playing an amateur Sherlock Holmes

Lock Up – So Ye Shall Reap (1960)

Herb needs to help a young man who’s charged with murdering his future father-in-law who was an obnoxious jerk, but publicly respected.