Mr. Arkadin (1955)

Mr. Arkadin is a French-Spanish-Swiss coproduction film written and directed by Orson Welles. Its history is quite convoluted; the story was based on an episode of the radio series The Lives of Harry Lime, which in turn was based on the character Welles portrayed in The Third Man. In addition, several different versions of the film were released. Jonathan Rosenbaum’s essay “The Seven Arkadins” is an attempt to detail the different versions including the novel and radio play. Adding to the confusion is a novel of the same title that was credited to Welles; Welles claimed the book was only ghostwritten with Maurice Bessy. In 1982 Welles described it as the ‘biggest disaster’ of his life, due to him losing creative control of the film. wiki

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  1. great story, cast and travelogue. Evidently Welles was writing, producing movies and attempting to finance the next project. Arkadin is Harry Lime but far more successful. According to Wikipedia Welles complained about losing creative control of the film, but it was wonderful to see again. Christmas merry.

  2. Some like other Orson Welles movies. My absolute favorite is Touch of Evil. This DVD print is in GLORIOUS and I do mean GLORIOUS black and white. It has Orson Welles playing a cop so evil and doing it so well you can smell the character. Great performances by Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh.

    Rent it someplace, buy it here. Wow!

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