Nanny And The Professor (1970)

Nanny And The Professor is a U.S. fantasy situation comedy created by AJ Carothers and produced by 20th Century Fox Television. During pre-production, the proposed title was Nanny Will Do. The series first aired on January 21, 1970, and was last telecast on December 27, 1971 on ABC. It was aired at 8 p.m. Fridays opposite NBC’s Western, The High Chaparral. Later, the series enjoyed a brief run in syndication.

The series starred Juliet Mills as Nanny Phoebe Figalilly, Richard Long as Professor Harold Everett, and Elsa Lanchester as Aunt Henrietta. Figalilly was apparently psychic, and had regular flashes of what was often more than intuition (she frequently knew who was ringing the doorbell before the bell even rang). There was the vague suggestion that she may have been at least several hundred years old and more than human, which the children thought they discovered in an episode after they saw a photo of Phoebe that looked like it was taken a century earlier.

Figalilly watched over Professor Everett and his three children: Hal, the intellectual tinkerer, played by David Doremus, Butch, the middle child, played by Trent Lehman, and Prudence, the youngest, played by Kim Richards. Patsy Garrett had the recurring role of nosey neighbor Mrs. Fowler. Midway through the brief first season, a yellow 1930 Model A Ford, “Arabella,” joined the series.

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  1. I accidentaly came found this website while googling. I would usually watch NBC, ABC or CBS to catch pass episodes. This website is awesome and I very seldom watch the tube anymore. I can choose what I want to watch versus what I have to watch.

  2. This is one of my top favorite sites

  3. This was actually a cute little series, and I wonder why it didn’t last longer.

  4. I had the biggest crush on Juliet Mills. :)

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