No Video – Can’t See Video – Get Google Chrome

If you are getting a blank box where the movie should be. If you are getting a Quicktime logo where the movie should be. If you don’t see anything where the movie should be, chances are you don’t have the Adobe flash player installed.

There are two ways to get the flash player:

1. Get the flash player from Adobe here. (For Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.)

2. Install Google Chrome from here

If you already have the flash player, you should make sure it is the latest version. (You don’t need to check if you are using Chrome). Right click on the player window. Select “About”. Compare your version to the one listed on the page. If it is old, update.

For less tech savvy people, installing Chrome is the best option. It is a lot less likely to run afoul of a good install. Sometimes the flash player will try to knaw it’s own leg off and not work anymore. That’s when you get the flash player uninstaller, which will cleanly remove flash. You can get that here. Run it, then re-install.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Retrovision. That’s mainly because it’s very fast. If you are using a computer that’s older, or underpowered like a netbook, it’s even more noticeable.

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