Old Time Radio – A Christmas Carol (1938)

The Mercury Theater was a creation of Orson Welles and a repertoire cast. You might remember from your knowledge of popular culture that he was one that scared everyone on Halloween with his rendition of War of the Worlds. Without causing farmers to shoot their water towers, later the same year, this was his Christmas offering.

This recording is really nice. It’s from an LP source and sounds real nice.

And now for a free plug for otrcat.com. I have no relationship to them except as a satisfied customer. I am not compensated in any way for saying this. You can either spend many hours digging and downloading Old Time Radio shows of questionable quality or you can buy high quality recordings at a very reasonable price. Why am I saying this? I want them in business for the next time I need an Old Time Radio fix.

Some of the ebay vendors will be cheaper. Don’t be fooled. They often compress shows so far to cram shows on a disk it sounds like you’re listening on a bad telephone.

These are good folks to do business with –


Click on Orson to start the playback.

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  1. Hi Kevin..
    This was a nice playback, & OMGoodness!! Thanks so much for this otrcat.com link!!!! WOW! As you know I am a HUGE fan of Retro TV shows & when I checked out this site I was amazed at their selection! After I buy my Moms stuff online, I’m buying all 7 Gunsmoke cd’s by the end of this week & proly more after I check out their entire library! I love this pic of the original cast too! Sheesh! I feel like you gave me a Christmas present here! Hehe! You are too awesome Kevin..1000 bows to you oh kind and notable sir!

  2. PS..I’m listening to their Gunsmoke sample episode now & the audio is in crystal clear perfection! I bought a few Old Time radio Shows from my iTunes store & some shows sound really scratchy with a LOT of back round static. I really enjoyed this Orson Welles’ Christmas Carol. Listening to these radio shows are especially GREAT for me since I do lots of work in and around my house & sometimes it’s cool just being able to use my own imagination along with the dialogue! Thanks again & have a great day Kevin.

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