Old Time Radio

Here’s the Retrovision Old Time Radio stream station.

On phones and tablets:

You need Android 4+ for this page to work. Android 2 users can find Retrovision Old Time Radio by using the Winamp app for Android and searching for Retrovision. You’ll have to dig up and sideload an old copy of Winamp for Android because Winamp is at least temporarily out of business. This doesn’t work with Firefox unless you use the link below and use an external player.

I recommend using Maxthon (IOS/Android) for your browser.

Zap my phone with Old Time Radio (Android 4/iOS)


PLS (VLC/Winamp) Playlist (click)

Shoutcast server

9 thoughts on “Old Time Radio”

  1. What happened to “Old Time Radio”? I’ve been checking the last few weeks… (even tried installing Chrome !) Have you abandoned it? I sure hope not, I listened to it almost every night, hours at a time. Please fill us in on the status of this page for the future. I loved it and miss it greatly. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Guys ,

    Old Time Radio noted author Martin Grams, Jr, is once again hosting some old time radio events at his Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, MD Sepy 18-20. He is a noted author and will have some events to please the ears!

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