One Step Beyond – The Lovers (1959)

Otto and Elsa are sweet on each other, but evil spirits want to break them up. One Step Beyond stars John Newland as your host to lead you into the weird and macabre.

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  1. The episode on Abraham Lincoln cured me of this show. The episode was too frightening for me. I never watched another show after that one. Remarkable writing for the time.

  2. I HAVE TWO RELATED QUESTIONS, PLEASE – About 10-15 years ago, we used to watch RETROVISION online on a regular basis, although we also subscribed to Time Warner Cable and had access to Turner Classic Movies, etc.

    Unfortunately, somehow I lost track of RETROVISION…until today when I suddenly accidentally rediscovered the website.

    Yes, on this RETROVISION website there are plenty of excellent movies (film noir being my favorite genre since about 10 years ago), as well as many of the “One Step Beyond” episodes, which I always enjoyed, but I haven’t seen them on Cable TV for 15-20 years….

    So, my two-part QUESTION is: Why is it that on Cable TV these days, 99% of programs come with optional closed captioning/subtitles; however, on the web, 99% have no CC…? (on YouTube, of course, there are many movies, and other videos, that come with so-called “auto-generated” CC, but that’s 50% inaccurate/gibberish). And, are there any movies, etc. on RETROVISION with (optional) closed captioning in English, or even in Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian?

    Thank you so much!


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