The Only American Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes (1954-55)

You can download these from here. I don’t know how well this playlist will work with odd devices, but it should be pretty good. Notwithstanding the flotsam that is the CBS show Sherlock, this show is the only American production of a Sherlock series done in America. That is, anything that looks like Sir Arthur Conan Doyles vision of Sherlock. There is a list of episodes at wikipedia.


Damo (2003)

This show is what started kind of a wave in South Korean television penetrating American markets. I can’t recommend this show enough. Set in Joseon Dynasty Korea, it tells the story of a young 18th century slave woman relegated to the low-status job of a tea lady who ends up acting more as a Kung Fu police woman with none of the status.

This is a fairy tale, mixed with Kung Fu, romance, serious subjects and a little slapstick comedy that usually looks like a training session at the Bejing Circus school. It’s not oversexed, overly violent, or gory. It’s just a great show. Trust me. You guys should really get a kick out of this.

Watch it on Hulu (click)