Borgias, The (2012)

I’ve been hooked on this series about the notorious Borgia Pope Alexander VI. It’s a soap opera in 1495, which uncannily probably isn’t much different than what was going on. Really though, Roderic Borgia’s reputation is mostly drawn from his enemies and Protestants. No historical evidence exists to the Borgia’s …

A Matter of Life and Death

Matter of Life and Death, A (1946)

If you haven’t, you should watch A Matter of Life and Death. It was released in the US under the title of Stairway to Heaven. It’s a charming story about a pilot who dies after being shot down in a plane and whether love can save him. It’s got David Niven and a very cute Kim Hunter. This is a charming story. One interesting thing is that like the Wizard of Oz, it’s shot in color and black and white, but the scenes on Earth are in color and heaven is in black and white.

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