Terror Beneath the Sea (1971)

Only Sonny Chiba can stop rubber-suited underwater monsters from taking over the world and converting humanity into sexless fishmen!

I Married Joan – Broken Toe (1953)

Joan is acting like she’s dying and Judge Bradley (Jim Backus) thinks she’s playing for sympathy until the tide turns.

I Married Joan – Jailbird (1955)

I Married Joan was a very popular series in 1955. In this episode Joan helps a hurt crow and the crow is just a little too appreciative.

Flash Gordon – Planet of Death (1955)

Dr. Zarkoff’s request to test his new anti-gravitation device on a remote planet is denied because of the mysterious deaths of most of a recent scientific expedition that recently explored the world.

Flash Gordon – Deadline at Noon (1954)

In this episode of the TV series Flash Gordon, Flash and Dr. Zarkoff go back the past in 1950 to stop an atomic explosive that takes hundreds of years to explode.

Rifleman, The – Mail Order Groom (1958)

Miss Isabelle sent off for a new husband named Mr. Jupiter. A mail order husband. She’s afraid the local riff raff is gonna bother him. Not too Much.

Lost Missile, The (1958)

The appearance of an unknown “missile-like” object in nearby space leads a European nation (unnamed, but implied to be one of the countries behind the Iron Curtain) to fire a rocket at it. The strange missile from outer space circles the Earth at low altitudes, destroying everything in its path.

Chase, The (1946)

Bob Cummings (Love that Bob) stars as a World War II veteran Chuck Scott, who has bad dreams. He gets a job driving for a mobster, and falls in love with his wife. It gets film noir from there.

Sherlock Holmes – Texas Cowgirl (1954)

The first and only American television series of Sherlock Holmes adventures aired in syndication in the fall of 1954.

Pharmacist, The (1933)

W.C Fields is at it again. This time as a cranky druggist.

Brideless Groom, The (1947)

In this Three Stooges short, the boys must marry off Curly Joe so that he can inherit a fortune.

Weekend Update – Stefon’s Farewell (2013)

Of course, it’s Saturday Night Live, so it’s a little raunchy. This video went viral and I thought it was funny too.

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