Perry Mason (1957-66)

Perry Mason is a defense attorney played by Raymond Burr, and derivative of the works of detective fiction authored by Erle Stanley Gardner. Perry Mason was featured in more than 80 novels and short stories, most of which had a plot involving his client’s murder trial. Typically, Mason was able to establish his client’s innocence by implicating another character, who then confessed.

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  • Please Murder Me (1956)
  • Disorder in the Court (1936)
  • Airwolf (1984-87)
  • Inspector, The (1965-69)
  • Shriek In The Night, A (1933)
  • Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman (1965-68)
  • Man with a Camera (1958)
  • Nuclear Tipping Point (2010)

  • 6 thoughts on “Perry Mason (1957-66)”

    1. Perry Mason was a classic that always left you wonder, Who did it? Love those old shows. Another one you might like that’s on Retrovision is Please Murder Me with Raymond Burr. It’s an early movie that may have been the inspiration for Perry Mason and gotten Burr the lead role.

      1. Perry Mason has played every day at noon on channel 12 here in Portland for my whole life.

        They play all 300+ episodes in order, so by the time you got to next year, you forgot.

        It’s all just sort of a Mason blur.

        But I did remember one of the cases Perry Mason lost.

        The Case of the Terrified typist (CBS)

    2. Wow! Kevin makes me want to move to Portland. I love Perry Mason-every one of the characters, the plots, the pace of the show-everything. I’ve seen all of them on the CBS site, and long for more. I’m actually grateful to the companies whose commercials make the show available (except for Phoenix U which gets me in trouble by blaring the volume and waking up the house when I’m getting my PM in the PM fix.)

    3. Well,it’s the wee hours of the morning and I turn on Perry Mason because reruns of PM are the best “comfort food” around. What do Ifind? His picture is gone from Retrovision. I press the link anyway. It connects to CBS but the first season is now gone. It’s as though they read my comment and said, “To heck with the fans!” Instead of more we get less! I almost never comment on any site. Now I do and look what happens. Remind me never to applaud again!

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