Playgirls and the Vampire, The (1960)

Here’s another American Movie Classics B movie about some sweet girls and a toothy vampire with a secret laboratory. Things just sort of go downhill from there. In the genre of 1960’s Italian horror films, this one is better than average.

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  1. This is a good one! For a B movie this is actually very good. But it stopped playing just when it got really interesting. :(

  2. yes, its kind of a different movie, but I suppose its classic, there were several gaps in it, you just had to wait for it to continue,,.

    • Yep. There is a gap somewhere between 00:00 and the end. This is one of those Italian stinkers from the 70’s. So bad it’s good? Maybe.

    • It lost me before I got past one of the gaps I guess. IMDB gives it a 2.5/5, so possibly it’s better than some of the other Italian stinkers I’ve blogged here. Italy made some really strange films in the 70’s.

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