Prisoner, The (1967)

Prisoner_smThe Prisoner remains unique in the world of television: a taut psycho-thriller about a secret agent who retires and finds himself thrown into a Kafka-esque world of mindplay and enigma – a man known only as No. 6. A major cult following has built up around this extraordinary series one of the most inventive and ground-breaking ever produced. Multi-talented and twice winner of an Emmy, Patrick McGoohan who stars, also created and produced the series and wrote and directed many of the episodes.

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  • One thought on “Prisoner, The (1967)”

    1. GREAT description of “The Prisoner”. ~This was one of my most favorite shows when I was exactly eight years old, (1968). I knew I was watching something so strange and utterly weird. It was like “PeeWee’s Playhouse” must have been in the 90′s for a some young kids, but with a bit more English polish to it, to understate it.
      Bravo! for summing an almost unexplainable, inexplicable show.

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