Radar Men From the Moon (1952)

In this 1952 Republic serial, Commando Cody has rocket pants and a rocket ship capable of reaching the Moon. You can tell he’s just stuffed clean full of corn. American Corn. When the U.S. finds itself under attack from a mysterious ray gun that can wipe out entire military bases and industrial complexes, Commando Cody takes his rocket ship to the moon to fight the evil dictator Retig. Retig is known for his bent on world domination and questionable dress sense.

I also posted this serial to Internet Archive in various formats including DVD iso image so you can make your own DVD. Here

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  1. Guys, … I have always been interested in this genre of the movies since only this genre is forward thinking and, if you’re going to plan for the future, you first learn from the past while living in the present but, you plan for the future.
    This is where forward thinking people come in
    because they’re always trying to make something new work.
    Commando Cody has always been a favorite of mine. — JT

  2. Those old Republic serials were brilliant.
    Great to get the chance to see them again.

  3. Well, these had to have been made for the youngsters of the time. The set and props are amateurish. The acting is bad and surprisingly, Captain Cody is the worst actor of them all. Absolutely no attempt is made to have anything realistic in this movie, in terms of space flight, life on the moon, etc. And it is not because it was made in the early 50’s – there was more realism in Woman in the Moon, made in 1929. These are definitely for the kids, but i’m sure have nostalgic value for some people.

    • Sue, what you say is so true. Back then I was one of those kids growing up in Scotland, and we loved them.
      These serials were just a small part of what we saw.during a Matinee, Cartoon. News Reels, Coming attractions,then a B movie, followed by an A movie. All for three pennies. Half my allowance back then. Can’t say, seeing this serial, made me become a Radar Technician/Operator in the Army. Doubt that. lol

  4. I vividly remember, Saturdays Afternoon Matinees back in Scotland, growing up.
    I think it was three pennies to get in.
    So it’s fun travelling down time’s Highway. And Amazing so much of them I still remember. I’m sure most of us, can rip the plots and ideas, to shreds now. But as a youngster, they were just plain fun.
    thanks for this fun site,

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