Radar Men From the Moon (1952)

In this 1952 Republic serial, Commando Cody has rocket pants and a rocket ship capable of reaching the Moon. You can tell he’s just stuffed clean full of corn. American Corn. When the U.S. finds itself under attack from a mysterious ray gun that can wipe out entire military bases and industrial complexes, Commando Cody takes his rocket ship to the moon to fight the evil dictator Retig. Retig is known for his bent on world domination and questionable dress sense.

I also posted this serial to Internet Archive in various formats including DVD iso image so you can make your own DVD. Here

3 thoughts on “Radar Men From the Moon (1952)”

  1. Guys, … I have always been interested in this genre of the movies since only this genre is forward thinking and, if you’re going to plan for the future, you first learn from the past while living in the present but, you plan for the future.
    This is where forward thinking people come in
    because they’re always trying to make something new work.
    Commando Cody has always been a favorite of mine. — JT

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