Putting a Blog on a Raspberry Pi.

A $25 web server?


After you unwrap the Raspberry Pi you got for Christmas, setting up a web server is really easy.  The Pi is a little too weak to run a mysql server, so we won't be visiting Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla as our content manager, but we can run a pretty decent little blog on our board computer.

Start by installing Raspbian on a flash card.  You can get a Raspian distribution here.  The installer runs raspi-config at startup.  You can revisit raspi-config in a root shell if needed.   It's a configurator.  Selected should be that X is not started at boot and that the ssh server is runs at boot.

Once you do this, it's almost easier to program the pi by an ssh client like putty so that cut and paste works.

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Published on  April 12th, 2013