Roku streaming Server

You need to assign a static IP address on your lan See this page.  Mine is

The Raspberry Pi makes a really good media server for your Roku box.


  • 1.  Install the MyMedia private channel to your Roku box by clicking here.
  • 2.  Click on the mymedia icon on the Roku box.  You will be issued a code and end up on this page.
  • 3.  Download and unzip the python script.
  • 4. Create /home/pi/mymedia
  • 5.  Unzip the archive and place the contents in the above directory.
  • 6.  Make a file /home/pi/mymedia containing:

cd /home/pi/mymedia


  • 7. Move mymedia to  mv /etc/init.d/mymedia
  • 8. Make it a service -

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/mymedia

sudo update-rc.d /etc/init.d/mymedia defaults

  • 9.  Reboot the pi.
  • 10.  Browse to http://raspberrypiaddress:8001 (mine is
  • 11.  Enter your media folders on the pi.

You now have mymedia streaming so that you can watch anything you dump into the folders on the RPI on your Roku box.

Published on  January 24th, 2013