Red Skelton Show – John Carradine Guests (1955)

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This is the Red Skelton show with John Carradine as a guest. Red does a pantomime and a skit where he becomes a famous impressionist artist.

3 thoughts on “Red Skelton Show – John Carradine Guests (1955)”

  1. thank you very much for posting this. red has been a long time favorite of mine. such a gentle soul. you just don’t see that kind of comedy any more, sad to say. i was fortunate enough to see red around 1981 or 1982. it’s one of my favorite performances. if you run across any more of red skelton, don’t hesitate to post it!!

    1. Because there was very little in the way of color recording equipment in 1955. This was a live show and was sent color, but not recorded in color. A lot of shows are like that. Jack Benny for example.

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