Rifleman, The – Mail Order Groom (1958)

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Miss Isabelle sent off for a new husband named Mr. Jupiter. A mail order husband. She’s afraid the local riff raff is gonna bother him. Not too Much.

3 thoughts on “Rifleman, The – Mail Order Groom (1958)”

    1. Less problems in the world? In 1958, Korea was over. Castro was plotting his ouster of Batista. Vietnam was brewing. We weren’t in it yet. The French were getting pummeled by the communists. And we invented the hydrogen bomb. At any time during the 60’s and 70’s we could have ended the world in 4 minutes. Now it would take us a few hours.

      Another thing I think makes 2013 better than 1958 is the lack of deep poverty you saw in the 60’s. You don’t see kids with rickets like you used to.

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