Saints and Soldiers (2004)

Saints and Soldiers is a war film released by Excel Entertainment Group, a Mormon film company in August, 2004. The movie is about a small group of soldiers who are trapped deep behind enemy lines following the infamous Malmedy massacre that took place during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge. The soldiers have vital enemy intelligence in their possession and decide to deliver it to the front lines, over 20 miles away. Success would require surviving the roving German troops and the frigid Ardennes forest. Armed with only one rifle, the men meet obstacle after obstacle, and must deal with the challenges, as well as the tension between their conflicting emotions. Things get increasingly more desperate until the climactic showdown with the German Army that tests the courage, honor, and camaraderie of the men.

Rated R

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  1. Guys, In the Guns of NAVARRONE, David Niven plays a British Commando. During WW2, Mr. Niven was actually a British Commando.
    I really liked this movie. I usually prefer those movies that keep the plot simple and really develop the characters. The acting was up to the job, the equipment was accurate and it was shot on location. Both protagonists and antagonists spoke their own language(s) and, the music was excellent.
    All of this makes for a really great movie so, thank you guys for a job well done !! —————- JT ——-

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