Sanctuary (2007-13)

Amanda Tapping
Sounds like drunk American chick trying to pretend she’s British.

This is another cancellation in it’s final Season. I never could get through 5 minutes of this show because Amanda Tappings impersonation of a British accent sounds like a drunk American chick trying to sound British.

It gets fair marks from the critics and the public.

Here’s a few episodes on Hulu

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2 thoughts on “Sanctuary (2007-13)”

  1. Strangely, she was actually born in Britain in 1965, but raised in Canada after immigrating at the age of 3. When this series started, even I was surprised she made the character have a British accent instead of what she was know for from the various Stargate series. But you do get use to it, and her’s is not he worst I’ve been forced to endure.

  2. Why is it strange to be born in England and grow up a Popsicle in Ontario? I like her real voice.

    Still looking good for having her 38th birthday several times.

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