Charlie Chan in The Scarlet Clue (1945)

Charlie Chan investigates a string of murders having something to do with stolen government radar plans.

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  1. i love charlie chan and there is no sound in any of his pictures

  2. Because of YOU I went out and bought the entire Charlie Chan collection (at a really great price I must say). Now I’d like to be able to find the entire Richard Diamond collection. I downloaded the RD shows you have here, but something odd happened. All the episodes have different titles, but two of them are the same picture. Hmmmm?

    • If I was any good, you couldn’t afford me 😉

    • There is really no way to own all Chan movies. You can get the Universal ones, but there are still the Fox ones. And the few public domain ones here and the ones on Youtube I think the rights holders have elected to monetize there rather than pull them.

      Beware a detective with no prepositions 😉

      • Hi There Kevin…
        I think I have all the Charlie Chan films both Universal and Fox. I bought a “Platinum Collection” a few years back from a site that is now defunct. I have 14 CD’s with about 3-4 films on each disk. I think the total is 39 films. I have one that is in all “Spanish speaking”. The old web site was called “Classic Theater.Com”The owner sold some great classic’s. I got the complete ‘Jungle Jim’ series from there. He closed the site before I could get “Perry Mason”, Superman, Mr Wong, the complete set of Tarzan (Johnnie Weissmuller versions) and more. The site is now no more unfortunately.

  3. BTW Hi Kevin (Retroman). Thanks for sending Retrovision our way. You are performing a great service and I love and appreciate you for it. 🙂

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