Sea Patrol (2007-2011)

All episodes for free. This was recommended by a viewer and I liked it. This is an Australian made TV series about the adventures of the crew of the HMAS Hammerly, a Fremantle class patrol cutter. It’s never been shown on network television in the United States.

Now Hulu has all 68 episodes for free.

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  1. that was different..

  2. I think it’s the Australian version of Baywatch 😉

  3. Thanks for putting this up. I really enjoyed it. And I don’t see anything about it that’s remotely like Baywatch.

  4. I just watched it for the first time and really, really enjoyed it. I found it refreshing, no cussing! Something the family can watch. I plan to watch all of the season 1 and hope to find more!!!

  5. Loved it! Send the rest of the seasons if you can. Was trapped by a snow storm and spent two days watching the entire season.

  6. Thought this was going to be a soap opera. Pleasantly surprised that the show had action, character development and suspense to make you want to see the next episodes. Disappointed when they decommissioned the ship at the end. Was a great addition to the shows on Retrovision.

  7. I watched the entire show you posted and sure would like more of this type of show. Just good programs I rate a 5 star show. Please get more if not this one maybe others similar.Thanks for being the best host on internet.

  8. Guys, I’m glad you liked it and took me up on my suggestion. Like I said, the acting is very good and there is a good mix of drama and action. An added plus is this … there are FIVE SEASONS and it just gets better and they get a brand new ship too !!
    You have done a great job guys! Please keep up the good work you’ve never failed to provide us with the best entertainment possible.
    BTW, there is yet another Aussie TV series called RESCUE SPECIAL OPS that I can also recommend. It too is very good.
    —————- JT —

  9. Kevin, baywatch ? really ??! Oh, BTW, you know there is a 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th seasons of SEA PATROL. In the second season, the crew gets a new patrol ship. It’s an expanded version of the FREMANTLE series called the Albemarle ( I think I got that right ). And, it IS a real looker. If anything, the TV series only gets better and better.
    BTW, here are some more movies that if you haven’t yet seen them, I believe you’ll like them when you do. 1. AIR FORCE, 2. The WAR LOVER, 3. BOMBADIER, 4. 12 O’CLOCK HIGH, 5. GUADAL CANAL DIARY, 6. TEST PILOT, 7. COMMAND DECISION, 8. The DESERT FOX, 9. OPERATION BURMA, 10. SANDS of IWO JIMA.
    NEXT: Here’s one that will tickle your funny bone … ” PAINT YOUR WAGON “. Whatever you do, don’t stop looking at this one until AFTER the incident with the BULL is over !! This movie is verry funny !! I guess this is enough for now. — JT —

  10. Kevin,
    I continue to return to SEA PATROL again and again. So, please grab seasons 2 thru 5 and place them here for all to see. ( I think I have every season one episode memorized by now. ) — JT —

  11. Kevin, It’s good to be back. I have a suggestion or two for you.
    1. MASTER and COMMANDER, for a really good idea of what war was like at sea in the age of sails and wooden ships, you simply cannot do any better than this movie.
    In another genre, you might consider something from the fertile imagination of GERRY ANDERSON who gave us such epic shows as SUPER CAR, STINGRAY, CAPTAIN SCARLET, FIREBALL XL – 5, THUNDERBIRDS and in live action, the remake of CAPTAIN SCARLET, U.F.O.,SPACE PRECINCT, THUNDERBIRDS, SPACE 1999 and others.
    The Falcon movies and of course the Saint movies with George Sands or, Tim Conway or, Sir Roger Moore are very enjoyable.
    ———————————————————————— JT

  12. This is a very good show. I had to do some looking, but finally managed to find all 5 seasons of this show last year, including a special they did when they aired the final season for the people of Ocean Beach, the town in Australia where the series was shot. The town had just taken a direct hit from a hurricane, and everyone from the show pitched in to help them rebuild. The producers even aired the last season for the townspeople before it went on TV. You would never see an American TV series do that here.

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