Second Woman, The (1950)

This film noir tells the story of Jeff Cohalan (Robert Young). He’s a successful architect who is tormented by the fact that his fiancĂ©e was killed in a mysterious car accident on the night before their wedding. Blaming himself for her death, Colahan spends his time alone, lamenting in the state-of-the-art cliff-top home he’d designed for his bride-to-be.

Cohalan also notices that ever since the accident, he seems to be followed by bad luck. His horse and dog turn up dead without explanation, leading him to wonder if he has been cursed.

He meets a woman named Ellen (Betsy Drake), and they are immediately attracted to each other. She soon learns about Jeff’s past and begins to realize that Jeff may be much more dangerous than he seems.

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  1. Great flick….Thanks!

  2. great fun liked it

  3. I’m so happy to have found this site. I love the movies from silent to the late 50’s and even some of the 60’s. I would love to see your collection of film noir continue to grow and have some of the really hard to find films. Night Nurse with Barbara Stanwyick, The Key, House of Strangers. There so so many great films but hard to come by unless you have the big bucks to buy them. Many I cannot find to free stream or even rent. I think this site could become one of the best if you were to invest in the highly rated old films that most of us on very limited incomes will never get to see. So far I am loving your site and your ad choices are even informative! Heart felt gratitude! You have a new fan and I will pass this site along and share with many others!!

  4. I agree with Maria wholeheartedly! I just found this site and am surprised all the comments I’ve seen so far are years old . . . not sure what that means, but am very happy to have discovered your website Kevin. Thanx!

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