Snow Creature, The (1954)

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Members of a scientific expedition to the Himalaya’s that encounter and capture a Yeti. The creature is then brought back to the U.S., only to escape and run havoc. The Snow Creature was the first of several “Yeti / Abominable Snowman” themed movies. It also bore some resemblance to King Kong, in terms of plot, with act-one in an exotic setting and act-two taking place in an urban setting.


  • Most Dangerous Game, The (1932)
  • One Night With the King (2006)
  • Lost World, The (1925)
  • Whispering City, The (1947)
  • Lady Whirlwind (1973)
  • Strange Illusion (1947)
  • Sergeant Preston of the Yukon – The Rookie (1955)
  • Die Sister Die! (1972)

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