So this is Washington – Lum and Abner (1943)

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Lum and Abner, an American radio comedy which aired as a network program from 1932 to 1954, became an American institution in its low-keyed, arch rural wit. One of a series of 15-minute serial comedies that dotted American radio at its height as America’s number one home entertainment?others included Amos ‘n’ Andy, Easy Aces, The Goldbergs, and Vic and Sade?Lum and Abner included various elements of each but yielded something as singular as the others and became somewhat more of an institution.


  • Amos n’ Andy – Check and Double Check (1930)
  • Lum n Abner – The Bashful Bachelor (1942)
  • Amos n’ Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy
  • A-Team, The (1983)
  • American West of John Ford, The (1971)
  • Guiding Light – April 9th (1953)
  • Jack Benny Show – Jack and Bing Crosby (1952)
  • Jim French Productions

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