Star Trek (1966)

Season 1 of Star Trek is available on Hulu for free. This is the where it all started. The first episode of Star Trek from 09/08/1966. Jim vs. the Face Sucker. This is the first time Jim ever had complete “Kirk out”. You get to see Spock beat the snot out of McCoy’s old girlfriend. We find out “Vulcan has no moon”. It’s a classic. Season One has a lot of my favorite episodes. Landru be with you brother! Don’t Kirk out too much! Don’t thaw out the mutants, specially ot Ricardo Montalban.

These are the remaster versions, not free in HD, but I think the remaster was very well done. It still looks like Star Trek, but the special effects are improved.

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  1. Fire the phasers. This one with Mark Leonard who was later Spocks dad is one of my favorites.

  2. I am just sighing with joy. No other sequel, prequel, or whatever, will ever come close to the original Star Trek. Let alone replace the series. I don’t care how fancy the later series technological effects were; how much more diversity of characters there were. I am not a Trekky type; I don’t go to conventions; I don’t know Klingon; but I know quality when I see it.

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