Star Trek – Enemy Star Fleet (2012)

Barbara Luna as Marlene Moreau.
Barbara Luna as Marlene Moreau.
Here’s an episode of the fan fiction series, which allegedly is a continuation of the original Star Trek scripts. In this episode, Barbara Luna has seized a Star Fleet vessel and is having a power trip wiping out a bunch of funny looking Beatniks. Captain Kirks gay nephew is back in a red uniform to bore us and even Commander Kyle is a whiner.

I would have just fixed Barbara Luna a martini, gave her a flower and put her to bed. Look Mom. For your own safety, we can’t have you running around driving a battle cruiser. I’m afraid we’re gonna have to ask for your keys. One note about Captain Kirk. It is really uncool to stun grandma. She’ll wake up double mad. For future reference run away. To stop grandma from driving the battle cruiser, it may be necessary to collapse sub-space. Boy! Grandma’s gonna be hoppin’ mad. She thought she had you under psycho-morphic control, but finally figured out you were just playing along to get through the holidays. Finally, I would have probably let grandma wipe out the beatniks. I mean who really cares?

Look mom. It’s the new ad from JoAnne’s. It has a 40% off coupon. You and your minions should attack while they are weak.

This Star Trek imagination is the work of James Cawley who has some really nice Star Trek sets and some decent stories. For a home made effort that lives on viewer contributions, I think these are fun eye candy. You should probably download HD versions from the official site. I thought the MKV video files played a lot better than Youtube.

–> Official Site.

Nobody makes any money on New Voyages. I sent them a Home Depot card for $20. If you don’t take this too seriously, it’s a good try.

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