Star Trek New Voyages (2011-)

It’s hokey. So was the original Star Trek really. It’s Star Trek New Voyages. It’s a fan fiction organization that lives on what you’ll donate to them on a Home Depot card. This show wouldn’t further the franchise commercially, but most Star Trek fan fiction is so bad that it hurts. This production is the brain child of professional Elvis impersonator, James Cawley. Is it Captain Kirk or is it Elvis? Sometimes this show gets really stupid, but it is a well done production given it’s done by a bunch of fans. This looks like fun. Unlike a lot of the fan fiction stuff, this show doesn’t chroma key things. The sets are real, including a replica Enterprise bridge.

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  1. James Cawley seems to be overdoing the Shatnerisms… His wig is ridiculous… but the script and the acting is not too bad… The characterizations are close to the original series actors…
    Yeoman Rand is not nearly as pretty in this version as she was in the Sixties…I like this for the memories it brings…but there’s still a bit of excess corn in the Captain’s portrayal…I did enjoy the experience of watching this, however…
    To paraphrase Captain Sulu (Excelsior) from the end of Star Trek movie VI – The Undiscovered Country… “It’s good to see the original crew in action again one more time”… (‘perhaps several more times).
    Thanks for all the hard work to keep the spirit of Star Trek alive … and well.

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