Star Trek – The Next Generation (1987)

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The Star Boat soon will be making another run, the Star Boat has something for everyone. On an intergalactic cruise ship in interstellar space, Captain Jean Luc Picard, space Maitre D’, runs around the galaxy being poignantly politically correct while wearing red pajamas with an escape hatch. It makes you wish the Klingons had won at Organia.

Now you can revisit 1987 and the first season of Star Trek, the Next Generation and hate Wesley all over again.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek – The Next Generation (1987)”

    1. I turned that off. It always “corrects” incorrectly. I did win the spelling Bee when I was 12.

      I do like the voice translation stuff lately. It’s gotten a lot better. Usually good enough to dictate a text message.

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