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I love Public Domain Movie Downloads and Hugs
I love Public Domain Movie Downloads and Hugs

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6 thoughts on “Subscribe to Retrovision via Email.”

  1. Kevin, I don’t understand this new E-mail thing.
    Do you want to stop your msg’s thru Gmail? so I should move to FeedBurner?

    - I recently got new android TV device with XBMC and I set the Retrovision RSS feeds.

    1. You can probably keep doing what you are doing Adid. I was thinking about trying that on a Raspberry Pi, but the Pi is very picky about it’s streams.

      Email just sends you new episodes. About 3800 people like an email update when I post.

      You might not find that to be real necessary. RSS works. There is a Chrome app. There will be an Android app.

  2. I’m getting your nice webmaster E-mails few times a week and reads them, I just don’t understand why you asked us to subscribe to FeedBurner.
    Android app will be great. I also put the RSS into Android RSS app called Beyondpod .

    1. Feedburner is the method by which you get the “nice webmaster emails”. You probably just didn’t remember after all these years. They contain download links.

      I am assuming you need the paid version of BeyondPod. Or it did the last time I looked.

      * Nice to know it works. iPads and iPhones can also download the RSS feed for offline viewing *

      I got a Chromecast recently. BeyondPod and Avia starts to look a lot like a Xmbc without an electric bill.

  3. - Well I don’t use the downloads as I decided more than two years ago that no need to download and keep, all is “there” and I don’t need it here…. I stopped all my media files collecting. I don’t mind to be streamed…

    - I don’t use a paid version as I never been asked to pay. And it’s still working for the last 2 weeks. It has one major drawback in my view and that’s is no trick play. On my old streamer I could play at 110% or faster and still get sound. Now no video trick play at all.

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