Superman (1941)

This is the first episode of the Max Fleischer Superman series in 1941. I love the visual style.

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  1. fun to see my hero again…..jules of montreal-north.

  2. Great trip back. As good as anything today

  3. just love the visual style of these Superman cartoons. imho cartoons such as this are far far better than just about any produced after the 70’s, except maybe the MightyMouse done by Babushki..somethhing like that spelling…or the early first season of Ren and Stimpy . Any way the colours and the animation is fantastic. now with site like this one these old masterpieces will not vanish.

  4. These are the best copies of Superman I’ve seen on the internet.

  5. WOW!! Brings wonderful childhood memories with my mom and her parents on the farm while my dad was in the Navy overseas. Saturday morning in front of a black & white television was awesome!

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