Tales of Tomorrow – The Fury of the Cocoon (1953)

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Tales of Tomorrow is one of those weird 50’s scifi shows. This show and One Step Beyond were the first ones that catered to an adult audience. In this episode scientists venture into the jungle to find a meteor impact crater and eventually feed themselves to some weird bug creatures. Pretty scary stuff for 1953.

One thought on “Tales of Tomorrow – The Fury of the Cocoon (1953)”

  1. I recall that when I was a child I watched this episode of Tales of Tomorrow: The Fury of the Cocoon. The scientists brought a cocoon back and put it on a platform of some kind, and when the cocoon opened, nothing was seen due to the invisibility of the monster.
    But I got the biggest fright of my life when they made a plaster cast of it and when it was finished, the movie camera did a closeup of it, and the result was the most horrible, most ugly and scary, creature I had ever seen and I had very bad nightmares for a long time after seeing what it looked like.
    If the special effects guys on that show wanted to scare the bejeebers out of young girls and boys with that episode, they should sure did a great job of it with me!!
    I’m much older now, but remembering the sight of the plaster cast or however they made a casting of it, still haunts me.
    I will look for a copy of it to watch again, just to see if it still frightens me in the same way.

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