Tales of Tomorrow – What you need (1954)

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A merchant always knows what you need and sells it to you. The sign on his store says “I have what you need”. This story got done on Twilight Zone too. (click to see that on Hulu.

3 thoughts on “Tales of Tomorrow – What you need (1954)”

  1. This bears a close similarity in concept to the excellent Twilight Zone episode “What You Need” (25 Dec 1959) which gives credit to 2 authors apparently under the publisher’s house name “Lewis Padgett” (real names Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore) according to IMDB. The Tales of Tomorrow episode has no credits other than the actors. Was it based on the same story? Where was that short story first published?

    1. Oops, I should have done my homework first. The answer to my question is in Wikipedia, where else. It says “First published in the October 1945 issue of Astounding Science-Fiction”.

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