Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss, The (1936)

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Cary Grant plays Earnest Bliss a rich socialite who makes a bet with his doctor that he can make a living for one year using none of his current wealth. This is a real cute movie.

6 thoughts on “Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss, The (1936)”

  1. There is not much Cary Grant has been in that I did not like. I hope you can continue to get good movies like these. Thanx

  2. Thanks you SO much for this movie. Ever since the first time I saw it years ago, I wanted to see it again. I was so surprised to see it listed. You’re the best!!!!

  3. I can’t figure out how to watch your videos anymore. The ads won’t move or close, only “mute.” Somehow, in pushing every button I could think of, a video started. BUT the ad covers lots of the small window and the place you click for full screen. Help. I miss Retrovision.

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