Day the Sky Exploded, The (1958)

or La Morte viene dallo spazio…

I haven’t been in the mood to sit down and watch this movie, but I finally got there. This movie has really good production values for it’s genre and time. Notably, the sets are very convincing and well done. This one would be good for the midnight movie on Saturday Night, with some popcorn.

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  1. I have been an avid watcher to I woke up one day and now the videos won’t play. I have done nothing to my computer so I can’t figure out what happened. What might be the issue? Paul

  2. I dunno. It looks like we’re working.

  3. Really a pretty good movie. The dubbing was as good as could be expected. The plot is sort of atypical of sci fi films for that time. You really don’t quite know how it will end. Acting is ok, and lots of good “special effects” and the settings are done well (certainly a lot of stock footage is used, but still). Even the dude in the rocket ship actually looks like someone who is in a cylinder circling the earth, not someone who is just on some vacation flight. There was a lot of thought put into making this movie be “realistic.”

  4. I love science fiction movies since I was a kid am 68 yrs. young

    • The Monolith Monsters is one of my favorites…also Spacemaster X7…lots of others. How do you get to show One on here? I have a LOT of sci-fi fifties and sixties DVDs—if I sent them to you, would you be able to include them here?
      Anyway, thank you for these movies :):)

  5. Kevin, it is fun watching these old films. I enjoyed it.Thanks!

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