Galaxy Invader (1985)

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If I die and I go to hell, the Devil will be showing Galaxy Invader for eternity. Be cautious B movie fans, this movie will be over and you’ll have a little more than an hour you’ll never have back. These trailer park characters chasing after the green monster from outer space are enough to leave you rooting for the monster. Simple theme. Feed some trailer trash to the space alien. It doesn’t require a lot of you.

Don Dohler is the Ed Wood of the 80’s. This movie was dirt cheap. It doesn’t try to pretend to be anything but preposterous. It still has something about it, like Ed Wood films, that will eventually let you get to the end of it. It’s still mentioned in film schools because some of the special effects are the best money could buy for $10 at the hardware store.

7 thoughts on “Galaxy Invader (1985)”

  1. This one comes to you via VHS I scrounged up on ebay. This cost $40,000. Half of that was probably weed and beer 😉

  2. plan work? With string-powered flying saucers, laughable dialogue, shrewd alien logic, and “priceless” special effects, they can’t go wrong. Or can they? (Hint: They do.) Plan 9 is a movie so beautifully bad, it’s great.

    1. I’m not sure what I think about now as compared to then. Now, we’re all addicted to high dollar entertainment where movies start at 50 million dollars. There isn’t much room for something camp like this. I thought it was fun enough.

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