Help! The Movies are skipping

Slow and Gone Stupid

When the movies stop and start, that means you aren’t getting enough internet speed. This site will not work with a dialup modem. If you aren’t using dialup, you should probably be good with most cable or dsl service.

Your computer can flip out, and so can the boxes you hook to the internet. Heat for your cable modem, dsl modem or router can be an issue. If they aren’t well ventilated, it will cause problems. Every once in a while, they’ll just “go stupid” and need the following procedure on an otherwise happy day.

Reset your Internet

1. Shut down the computer.
2. Unplug (from power) your cable or dsl modem and routers. Plug them back in some time after 15 seconds.
3. Inspect the router and/or modem and make sure they aren’t getting too hot. They need air.
4. Wait a minute. Restart the computer.

Are we good? No?

5. Check your connection speed with speedtest. How does that look compared to what you are supposed to be getting?

5. Run a virus scan. If your computer has become compromised, it could be sending all sorts of data or be involved in a cyberattack. This can use your bandwidth up. If you are broke AVG Free is a decent solution.

6. There is also the possibility that something is broken in the internet between you and my server in St. Louis MO. Usually big net outages don’t last long. Try again in an hour.

7. That failing call your internet company and ask them why it doesn’t work.

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