Speckled Band, The (1931)

A young woman named Helen Stoner consults the detective Sherlock Holmes about the suspicious death of her sister, Julia. Starring Raymond Massey as Sherlock Holmes.

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  1. Hi! How are You? I would like to advise You that it is not the original The Speckled Band, it is The Speckled Ban form the TV Series of the 1950s I think. So do not know what happened to the original. I will try to find it on the web to view it. I just want to help. Thanks and Take care.

    • Nope. This is the 1931 movie with Raymond Massey.


      I think you mistook the MPAA logo at the beginning for the MPTV logo they used to add to old movies rebroadcast for TV. Usually those are the original movie too. I think I have something like that around here from Valentino.

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