Time of Your Life (1948)

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Joe spends a lot of his time at Nick’s Pacific Street Saloon. Tom, who credits Joe with once saving his life, stops by regularly to run errands for Joe. Today, Tom notices a woman named Kitty when she comes into Nick’s, and he quickly falls in love with her. Meanwhile, a distraught young man repeatedly calls his girlfriend, begging her to marry him. Nick himself muses on all the various persons who come into his bar, some to ask for work and others just to pass the time. You’ll love these wonderful characters!


  • Escape By Night (1937)
  • Toll of the Sea, The (1922)
  • Barney Miller (1975-82)
  • Jim French Productions
  • Limping Man, The (1953)
  • Love That Bob – Bob Becomes a Stage Uncle (1958)
  • Love That Bob- Bob Butters Beck Butters Better (1958)
  • Love Boat (1977)

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