The Veil – Vision of Crime (1958)

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A man on a trip to Paris has a vision where he sees his brother murdered. When he arrives back home in England, he finds his brother is dead and the rest you have to find out from watching the Veil.


  • Messiah of Evil (1972)
  • Blancheville Monster, The (1963)
  • Moon of the Wolf (1972)
  • Man who walked alone, The (1945)
  • Western Cyclone (1943)
  • Veil, The – Jack The Ripper (1958)
  • The Veil – Food On the Table
  • Sherlock Holmes – Dressed to Kill (1946)

  • 3 thoughts on “The Veil – Vision of Crime (1958)”

    1. Great classic tv…kind of reminds me of other great tv show,0ne Step Beyond.. I am guessing this show predates another great classic, also hosted Mr. K..’Thriller’ (:

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