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Thelma Jordon (Barbara Stanwyck) falls for a jewel thief and helps him steal her aunts jewelry. She ends up shooting her formerly-rich aunt, but makes it look like an outside job. The D.A. falls in love with her and gets her off. From there things go badly. The way I remember Barbara Stanwyck was when she was kinda old, like from the Big Valley. I was watching a movie on Netflix where she played another bad girl in a noir. That was Double indemnity with Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson. That movie was a little better than this one, but this one is free. So I shake the impression of Barbara Stanwyck as a grandma type and see her in earlier roles where she was a bad girl who really could fill out a sweater.

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  1. Great film noir. “Double Indemnity” is one of my all time favorite films; this one echos Stanwyck’s character as a bad girl, but she has a bit more heart in this one, a little more saving grace. Good flick. Thanks again for making available.

  2. Just love it when “Babs” …is bad. Very good storyline and characters. The acting still tops!

  3. When Barbara is good and bad at the same time that means trouble. When Barbara right eyebrow goes up watch out.I love this movie..

  4. Oh I agree Mrs. Morris. Just saw a line posted by our host. I never saw (even) during Big Valley days Ms Stanwyck as a “Grand Ma” type. Matriarch maybe, but never Grand Ma type. Ms Stanwyck (to me) was far ahead of her peers. All should have a look at “Baby Face” made in 1933. I think this film may be when the trade mark ‘eye brow’ began. Stanwyck…again, excellent.

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