File on Thelma Jordan, The (1950)

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Thelma Jordon (Barbara Stanwyck) falls for a jewel thief and helps him steal her aunts jewelry. She ends up shooting her formerly-rich aunt, but makes it look like an outside job. The D.A. falls in love with her and gets her off. From there things go badly. The way I remember Barbara Stanwyck was when she was kinda old, like from the Big Valley. I was watching a movie on Netflix where she played another bad girl in a noir. That was Double indemnity with Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson. That movie was a little better than this one, but this one is free. So I shake the impression of Barbara Stanwyck as a grandma type and see her in earlier roles where she was a bad girl who really could fill out a sweater.

4 thoughts on “File on Thelma Jordan, The (1950)”

  1. Great film noir. “Double Indemnity” is one of my all time favorite films; this one echos Stanwyck’s character as a bad girl, but she has a bit more heart in this one, a little more saving grace. Good flick. Thanks again for making available.

  2. Oh I agree Mrs. Morris. Just saw a line posted by our host. I never saw (even) during Big Valley days Ms Stanwyck as a “Grand Ma” type. Matriarch maybe, but never Grand Ma type. Ms Stanwyck (to me) was far ahead of her peers. All should have a look at “Baby Face” made in 1933. I think this film may be when the trade mark ‘eye brow’ began. Stanwyck…again, excellent.

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