Timetable (1956)

A man pretending to be a doctor holds up a train and escapes with a $500,000 payroll. The insurance company puts its best investigator, Charlie Norman, on the case to work. A pretty nifty film noir.

4 thoughts on “Timetable (1956)”

  1. This film directed by and starring Mark Stevens is a real surprise caper with some wonderful twists and turns…really enjoyed it.

  2. This film is a neat rendition of a crime/drama story. Also, you may recognize a number of character actors from that era, some of whom also appeared on the Perry Mason series popular during that time. Interesting plot twists.

  3. This is one of the BEST film noirs I’ve ever seen. Rate it four stars. Great twists in the story. I enjoyed seeing Jack Klugman in a cameo role, as well as John Marley. Well scripted, and directed. Kudos for retrovision tv.

  4. one of the best film noirs that i have seen. so filled with twists/ turns and surprises. puts the films of today to shame. mart steven is excellent

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