Undying Monster, The (1942)

In her lonely Gothic mansion, whilst stubbornly lending no credence to a carnivorous family curse that wreaks mayhem from slippery seaside shoals to cliffs high above the windswept North Atlantic, enveloped in a full moon’s light over hill and dale on the Welsh moors where great crashing waves toll their lullaby of impending doom, a beautiful young Gibson Girl with a fairly disturbing attachment to her older brother is confronted with one or more monsters lurking about among the fog, bog and frogs. Croaking. Yet who … man or wolf? Or frog?. Watching. Waiting.

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  1. Fun memories of Friday nights as a kid, staying up watching scary movies and classic scifi on the tube until (Gosh!) midnight or after, complete with homemade popcorn and candy stash. The Thing that Wouldn’t Die, Night of the Demon, the original 13 Ghosts and the REAL Godzilla and company. And of course, the Undying Monster, the Jack Palance version of the Lodger, and such.

  2. Kevin, did you write that intro? It was priceless.

  3. It was the intro that sold me and I was pleasantly surprised to be treated to a masterful retelling of the classic, The Tell Tale Frog meets the WhereWolf…….I would really like to have the poster for this one to add to my collection….thanks again Kevin for providing good old, pop corn eating entertainment….Sid

  4. No. I’m not that good. This one is a found on Youtube.

  5. Undying Monster rides on the coattails of way superior The Wolf Man still I enjoyed this atmospheric Detective mystery case shocker. Rare opportunity to watch this one again. Thanks
    4 the memory.

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