Using TVVOID with the Kindle Fire

If you are using a Kindle Fire with the stock Silk browser, it will not work properly. You should load the Maxthon browser from the Amazon app store. It’s free and it works fine. Get the Maxthon browser from the Amazon store by clicking here. ┬áThen come back using the Maxthon browser.

5 thoughts on “Using TVVOID with the Kindle Fire”

  1. I was able to access yr website on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) and watch movies with no problems until yesterday – whenever I click on a movie, I get the comments section for the movie & I can see the movie screen with the go arrow directly behind the comments section – the same thing happens when I download yr app and when I go through Maxthon.
    Love your site and would like to watch – please advise.

    thx-Ann Regis

    1. One little typo is all it takes to mess up the style sheet. I noticed this on my Kindle Fire too and fixed it. You should be good to go. If not, let me know.

    1. Not you. Me. I think I fixed it. It works on my Kindle Fire, so it should work on your Android tablet. If it doesn’t, clear your browser temp files and cookies and give that a whack. It was just one little typo I made in the style sheet. If it doesn’t work, shoot me a screenshot and I’ll fix it.

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