5 thoughts on “Using TVVOID with the Kindle Fire”

  1. I was able to access yr website on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) and watch movies with no problems until yesterday – whenever I click on a movie, I get the comments section for the movie & I can see the movie screen with the go arrow directly behind the comments section – the same thing happens when I download yr app and when I go through Maxthon.
    Love your site and would like to watch – please advise.

    thx-Ann Regis

    1. One little typo is all it takes to mess up the style sheet. I noticed this on my Kindle Fire too and fixed it. You should be good to go. If not, let me know.

    1. Not you. Me. I think I fixed it. It works on my Kindle Fire, so it should work on your Android tablet. If it doesn’t, clear your browser temp files and cookies and give that a whack. It was just one little typo I made in the style sheet. If it doesn’t work, shoot me a screenshot and I’ll fix it. webmaster@retrovision.tv

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